How Much Does It Cost To Rent An Audience Response System?

Simple and straight forward

The cost to rent a do-it-yourself TurningPoint audience response system and keypads is $4 per keypad per day, plus shipping. That’s it. No fees. No surprises.

Included in the $4 price

  • The keypads, of course
  • 1 USB receiver
  • TurningPoint training to get you started

To give our hassle free pricing a try request a audience response system quote.

Additional Services

  • Full service on-site audience response technician
  • Extended TurningPoint training
  • TurningPoint optimized laptop computers
  • Additional USB receivers
  • After-hours technical support
  • Audiovisual equipment (projector, speakers, mixer, microphones, etc.)

Please contact us for pricing information on our additional services.