Frequently Asked Questions About ARS

How does it work?

A question is shown to the audience. Each person in the audience holds a
wireless keypad and presses the button that corresponds to the letter or number
choice on the screen. Questions are formatted as multiple choice, true/false,
yes/no, etc., any answer(s) can be chosen by pressing one of the keypad buttons.
The answers are collected and the results are available to be displayed
immediately, in the form of a bar graph or pie chart.

How much does it cost to rent an audience response system?

Much less than you may think and significantly less than a few years ago. Please visit our ARS price page for more information.

How long does the audience have to answer a question?

That's up to you. We've found the 7 seconds works pretty well, but the decision is yours.

How many people can I have in the audience using the polling system?

As few as a small board room meeting up into the thousands.

Can I use multiple audience response systems in close proximity?

Yes. Up to 82 simultaneous sessions conducted in same room.

What kind of reports are available after the session is over?

There are over 30 Microsoft Excel and Word report templates available,
including demographic reports, team scoring and a break down of individual

How do you use an audience response keypad?

It’s simple. You press the button on the keypad that corresponds with
the letter or number of the answer choice displayed on screen. If you make a
mistake or change your mind, just press another button. As long as polling is
open, you can change your vote as many times as you like.

Does your audience response software work with PowerPoint?

Absolutely. TurningPoint is 100% native to Microsoft PowerPoint and easily
integrates with your existing presentations.

How many answer choices can you have per question?

You can have up to 10 answer choices.

Can an audience submit multiple answer choice for a question?

They sure can. You can specify how many votes the audience members are
able to submit for each question and whether or not they are able to vote for
the same answer more than once.

Can an answer be changed once it has been submitted?

Yes. Only the last answer(s) submitted will be registered by the audience
response software.

After audience voting has happened, when will the results be available?

Results are available to be displayed on screen immediately after polling
has closed. Reports can be created from the results right after the event has

Can I track responses from individual audience members?

If you know who will be attending your event a participant list can be
created that links a particular attendee to a specific keypad. You'll then be
able track individual responders.

Can questions be added or changed on-site?

You bet. Since the TurningPoint audience response software integrates so tightly with
PowerPoint it is as simple as adding or editing a slide.

Can demographic data be collected?

Yes it can. You also have the option to make a question demographic after
the meeting has ended.

If your question wasn’t answered here, don’t hesitate to contact us for more answers.