Change The Way You Do Meetings!

audience response keypad clicker

Renting an audience response system or ARS gives you the opportunity to make a meeting a dynamic exchange of ideas and opinions, rather than a dull one-way push of information. When you rent audience response keypads and put them into the hands of meeting attendees, your event becomes a powerful data collection tool. With ARS, you can collect and track demographic data, view changes over time with Pre and Post-Test Questions, entertain participants with fast-paced games and generate response reports after the meeting.

  • We offer simple and straightforward pricing. There will never be any hidden or gotcha fees and each order includes a free online training session to get you comfortable with the system.

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  • Our audience response system specialists have vast experience deploying ARS in sales meetings, focus groups, entertainment events, general sessions, symposia, breakout meetings and advisory boards. The solution that we offer, TurningPoint, is the industry leading wireless response technology and it allows for customization of all elements in your interactive presentation.
  • Improved attentiveness, increased knowledge retention, creating an interactive and fun learning environment, ability to confirm audience understanding of key points, data gathering and reporting capabilities and candid audience response to issues